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by Toneeke Henderson

Well, now that everyone is about to break the promises of their New Year's resolutions, we can just wipe the slate clean all the way around.

In case you haven't noticed, life is moving faster than before.

Which means maybe we should really take a good look around at all that has transpired in our lives. Perhaps take a look at those people who make an extreme difference in our everyday life.

I always choose to talk to the person no one else is talking to. No matter what others may think and what truly may be, I choose to let the person know it is a nice day. That life; regardless of the moment's outcome; life is beautiful. Therefore we exist.

In choosing whom you speak to, have you ever considered the play it forward mode? Being nice to someone makes them have a nice day and they will pass that on to the next person and so on.

The garbage man is never thanked for being someone who is important, they clean up your throw aways. Yes, it is their job, they get paid, but payment from the heart of another is worth so much more.

Toneeke Henderson

The janitorial people who work in so many places, schools, offices and stores, they all deserve to be appreciated for they clean up after everyone as well.

Have you ever thanked the person in a fancy restaurant's restroom that hands you a towel for your hands or just shunned them like they were no one? I always speak to people no matter what they do for a living.

One of the nicest people I have met in such a job works for Wal-Mart in Athens TN. I have seen her working for nearly 12 or 13 years.

I just learned her name in December. Her name is Margaret. (Hope I spelled that correctly).

Margaret has been cleaning the ladies room for as many years that I have known her. She has always been polite, and kind, and wore a smile, even on the days that it seems no one appreciates the work she does.

I am here to tell you, I would not want her job. People can be very ugly and disgusting in a restroom and in their restroom manners.

When I saw her working this time I simply stopped to chat for a brief moment and wanted her to know how much I appreciate her keeping the restroom clean for so many years and that her smile and kindness did not go unnoticed by me.

She cleans the sinks, and scrubs the commodes, mops the floor and refills that precious paper we all use. She makes sure there is soap to wash the hands for those of us who know to do so. She keeps the paper towels full and when there is an extra clean up need,  she is there to get that done as well.

For all those other folks who work at the store who don't even know she exists, you should remember one thing, you would not have a clean and sparkling throne to rest your little buns on if it weren't for people like Margaret.

And you know she likes her job, it's a job that cares for the needs of others and there is nothing demeaning about that.

Here's to you Margaret,

In 2008 we shall hold our toilet bristles and mops high in the air and salute you for a job well done and rest assured that we will have a pleasant restroom break at any given time.
To sum up this short article, I would simply like to say. There is nothing so refreshing than going into a clean and fresh restroom facility and feeling like you were at home.

Those thrones may have an automatic flusher but they come with a real person to clean them, so be careful what you leave behind as it tells a lot about the person who was there. If you think hair salons have secrets (I am laughing out loud)  you can only imagine what restrooms might have. WASH YOUR HANDS PEOPLE !!!

So relieve, refresh, recalculate and be thankful of your surroundings and for goodness sakes show some appreciation for the people who make your life a little easier.

Have a safe and wonderful 2008!

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