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The Tennessee Mockingbird


By June Griffin

"Tyre" was an ancient city which was destroyed by the Lord for its wickedness. The Lord compared it with Sodom and Gomorrah in their iniquity.

As the root word for "tyrant," it is anathema to any person born with the red blood of an American. In 1776, our forefathers threw off the yoke of tyranny when England was in violation of their Magna Charta rights. This heritage of resisting civic rape runs in the very fiber of Americanism and especially in the hearts of the true Volunteer from Tennessee. 

Our Declaration of Rights in our Tennessee Constitution, which can never be abrogated, plainly condemns even the teaching of nonresistance to tyranny. Article I, Section 2. Read it for yourself, lawyers! You high-powered graduates of law school! It is doubtful if you ever read the national Constitution, much less, our Tennessee Rights.

The purpose of this article is to alert Volunteers of the uprising Tyrant, State Senator

June Griffin

Jim Kyle, D-Memphis (no wonder!), This Tyranny was best exhibited when a certain Bradley County Planner, Amy Conley Moore, stated that if Bradley County didn't adopt zoning, "they will FORCE you."

Who is turning out such proud and haughty tyrants?

In the Chattanooga Times/Free Press of December 5, 2005, an article dealing with proposed Ethics Bills, it is suggested that  local governments come up with their own legislation "establishing new local ethics rules."  So far so good. However, the spirit of the ruler rises up.  "But we're telling them if they don't write the rules, then we'll write them for them." (!!!)  [State Senator Jim Kyle]

Just who do you think you are, Senator? We don't have that kind of talk in Tennessee. This is because the Scripture which was the compelling influence of those who wrote our Declaration of Rights states:

"If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy  place, for yielding pacifieth great offenses." Pacifying offenses is a bad thing. Christ Himself ordered us to resist the Chief Tyrant, the Devil, when He ordered us to resist him.

Haven't we had enough of this tyranny? Haven't seventy-seven percent of the people been FORCED  to give up their God-given Right to post the Ten Commandments, via 42 USC 1988, enriching the purses of the ACLU and other unscrupulous antichrist lawyers? Our income tax is forced from us, shelled out to the ABC agencies in Washington and then dribbled back to our counties via grants, with conditions, of course. Copycat style, the State saw this institution of slavery and liked it! "Truly, power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely!"

Senator Kyle needs to be impeached for violation of our Declaration of Rights. So do all who go along with redistribution of wealth, aka, revenue-sharing! Our own hard-earned money is being used against us. We are forced to hire whoever Title 42 says we have to hire, we are forced to go along with new-age religions while Christianity which built this nation is left to shut up and pay the bills. Teachers and law enforcement tremble to pray the simplest prayer or read the Scriptures for "fear of The Lawsuit."

Let it be here recorded that all such tyranny is against the Will of God. And though a powerful minority throw their weight around, yet God gave us our Rights. Pray for their restoration, repenting of our neglect of them. Pray for impeachment of judges who have violated our Rights, both State and Federal. Emanations from Title 42 and their Force must be officially abrogated by making all who violate these crooked ways immune from penalty. All violations of state and federal mandates must be immune from penalty. Title 42 and especially 42 USC 1988 which orders legal fees for the offending lawyers.

More importantly you must quit voting for personalities who are nothing more than High-Powered Fundraisers. These cuties only answer to their vested-interest benefactors.

Secondly, vested interests must be disenfranchised. Why should one vote just to get himself a check?

And to end the revenue-sharing tyranny from Nashville, order merchants to write two checks from their sales tax, the county portion going to the county, the rest to the State. That way we can't be bribed with our own money.

Finally, what kind of people make such mandates and where do they go to church?