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by Toneeke Henderson

First I would like to wish you all a wonderful & Happy New Year.  This is the time when I get to get crazy and express my new views of life, which are my old views with a kick and spin. Basically I will always be the same because I am me. And a time that we get to forget the joy of Christmas because the government wants our money again.

I never listen to the news because it is depressing. Well OK the part where the big apple drops at the ring of New Year is OK, but I wonder how all those people hold their bladders for that long since there is no porta potty's for them to use. Eww that sounds strainful.

I heard on the news where they were comparing the upper class with the

lower class people. Excuse me but did anyone ever stop to think just because some people have more money than others doesn't make them a better class, they are actually the under privileged, yes I said under.

They don't have real friends, or lives, or happiness. They buy everything they get. Sad isn't it. OK, if we needed to class people as they put it then we have left out the guy in the middle who works their rear ends off to make a living to have a house, a car, to raise their children without government help.

We all put our pants on the same way, we are all born the same way, (women rule on this one) with the exception of a few relatives who were

Toneeke Henderson

hatched, we all leave this world the same way. So the supposed upper class gets a tax break that the lower class doesn't even realize is there, and the middle guy plays catch up for everyone. They should take social security and let you invest it in what you want because believe me it isn't going to be there for us when we need it. They want to raise the age of retirement so the people who run the country and are oil investors can keep the guy at the top in Gucci suits with our social security money. Of course they don't tell you that. You get to retire only to find you have to work at Wally World or flip hamburgers at age 88 just to make ends meet - but if you work overtime that puts you over budget so you can't have your full benefit. Benefit, what is that. It only benefits the government and the people who run this country and send our families over seas without the proper protection to survive a place they shouldn't even be. (Wow that should get me in trouble).

By the time we are old enough to have the social security  checks that we have paid dearly into all these years the government still tells you how much you can have a month. Now, who's brilliant idea was that. Gee I could have paid my taxes with all we have paid in. You get your social security check and then what happens to your medical benefits, oh what about if you have a 401K, yeah that will mess ya up.

Did you know technically there is no law that says they can actually take taxes out of your paycheck. That's right. Do your research. I wanted to know the day they decided that it was a law. It isn't a law. Somewhere over the rainbow many years ago around 1718 when they decided to truly form what they call a government, (ha) and between the lost 129 years of 1784 to 1913. They forgot to tell everyone it wasn't mandatory. It was

primarily for alcohol and tobacco. Where did the humans come into effect. The government can't quote you a code on it because one doesn't exist, in fact the courts ruled it unconstitutional in 1894 and the law has never changed since then.

In fact, for those of you who may ever want to challenge that effect or at least be educated on it, you can go to the web site You may also go to the following site www.stang and click on non fiction the best challenging story is there along with others.

No, this isn't a conspiracy to defraud the government, they don't need my help. It's just some interesting reading with some really kewl truthful facts.

Now that I have that off my chest. I can say I am going to have a wonderful year full of happiness and love. Daughter Rina will be having our Granddaughter by February and then next our Daughter-in-law Heather, in March  will smile as our Grandson will be making his entrance known. I love being a grandma cause I get to have that old time attic trunk full of kewl strange dresses, flower filled hats, tea sets, a few old ties and granddad hats and a shirt or two just tucked away for their play days. Beads and baubles and cat eye glasses. A plate full of cookies and laughter to make a clown laugh till his nose fell off. Yes these are the things grandmas like me do. Late night popcorn snuggled to watch a movie and a thousand and one questions to fulfill their curiosity. Raising puppies with Grandpa and chasing cats, picnic in the yard, and watching the moon late at night. These are the special treats of Heaven that only  grandparents get to see.

The chance to cook hot dogs over the open fire, coloring mashed potatoes green and the corn red to make the food look kewl for the night. Baking cookies, singing a song, laughing out loud till the crickets come home. Real play time with no video machines, no addictions to non inspiring things. These are the things even income tax can't bring.

I suppose I should sum this up so the New Year can begin:

This year as your life goes on, take a moment to breathe. See the light in front of you for it passes each day because it is free.

Although the giant world around us wants us to feel less important than the guy who sits in the high chair, just remember he has a momma too and women still rule. When looking at facts in life remember someone had to find the facts and calculate them into a code the majority of America may never comprehend or maybe they understand it really doesn't even exist.

It is not a conspiracy to love life and want to have justification where it is truly needed.  Now would be a great time to say hello to your children before you realize they are parents too. It is also the time to save the brains of those whom are hemisphericaly challenged and attached to a video machine that sustains the only life they have within their system, (unplug the cords). Don't just be a parent or grandparent be a child's friend, they need to know they are understood.

Make your resolutions so you are honest with yourself and play dress up once in a while just to remind you of the child within your self. And last but not least always ... always ... dance naked under the moon when the weather is warm at least once a year, frost bite can be a bad thing. (I can only smile). Happy New Year!!!