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The Tennessee Mockingbird

Busybodies, Murderers and Thieves and Other Evil Doers

by June Griffin

Among the class of those who violate the Tenth Commandment - THOU SHALT NOT COVET - are those idle people who like to run other people's business. The ancient Greeks, which the Apostle Paul classified with murderers, thieves and evil doers have heirs and sons in our society today. Such an example are certain Bogus Democrats who have moved to the South to escape the cold weather and crime of their hometowns, and being now comfortable in their nice homes, nice cars and retirement income, look around them and set out to fix things so their colleagues may move here to help organize the community.

In the name of 'helping out,' seeing a trailer or junk yard, they sashay out of their places to view the countryside and see what they can do to clean up the place. 

Some of these have fled from places like Chicago and Boston or perhaps Detroit; national eyesores. And, while calling themselves Christians, they forget that Jesus ordered that if we have ought against our neighbor, we are to go to them PERSONALLY and tell them the things they have against them or the way they keep the property. He does not order them to set up tyrants to run people out of their Rights or Ownership Liberties.

Another mark of the character of a Busybody, is cowardice, a trait which is antithesis to a Christian. So instead of following the Saviour in his commandments, and afraid to approach what they would call "trailer trash,' they use the government as their Husband, run and tattle to the elected officials and, through subtlety and fancy tales, get laws passed which violate Owner's Rights.

It is the responsibility of the Owner to take care of his property. Period. If he doesn't do so, or lets his property run down, he bears a personal reproach. But suppose this property Owner doesn't have the means to finish the project he started. His dream of prosperity has been hindered by the works of darkness in high places. Perhaps he can't hire someone because of the rules, regulations and mandates which other busybodies have put upon him, or labor unions which by their nature rob the Owner or Employer of His Owner's Rights. Maybe Title 42, the so-called 'civil rights act,' has hindered him from progressing to the cleanup because he has to hire a female, a latino, a black, a sodomite, et al, and has lost his Right to hire and fire the proud employee, who has also clothed himself with government lawyers who are after his property and property rights.

These busybodies have children who call themselves "Environmentalists." Their proud and lawless children are also without boundaries and take away Owner's Rights to mine their natural resources and make a profit from that investment. They are also "helping out."

Respect for another's property is the basis of all "pursuit of happiness." This term must be interpreted in light of the deeds, ordinances and actions of those who framed the Declaration of Independence, and properly termed in the basic constitutional interpretations as "Life, Liberty and Property," in many State Constitutions. Happiness is a bride of Ownership and such as say: This is mine; I can govern it, and I will bear the responsibility of a low or high standard and the name that goes along with this responsibility.

As to the aforesaid cowardice, this Bogus Democrat is really afraid to face his neighbor, who may be armed, and flies to the alien, international concept of "zoning" boards, building permits, codes and other eyesores of legislation. Why don't you go and offer to help him PERSONALLY clean up his place! I am sure he would be glad for the voluntary labor!

Go home, Ms. Busybody. Go back to the cold, impersonal place from which you fled, and clean up your own city. Go to the head of the mafia or hoods in your Councils and tell them to clean up your hometowns. But don't come to the Bible belt where the Word of Christ is revered and property rights are sacred. Don't come here to introduce the very elements which made you run away.

The founding fathers put it succinctly in their complaint against the King of England: "he has hired swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out our substance." On every level, the property owner is now the enemy of these emissaries of trespass, and he is armed with the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Remember, there are ten of these Rights and they are eternal.

Since you are idle, let me give you something to do which will grant relief to Americans and which will give your children something to look forward to besides poverty and death in a government nursing home. It is simply this: Once you reach the age of 65, you will owe no more property or income taxes. Let the government fork over the trillions of dollars which have been collected from you through the so-called "social security" insurance plan, by which you are a virtual slave until you die.

Let's see if you really want to 'help out.' Or are you just dedicated to socialism?

Remember! Property rights supercede property values!

Magna Charta!!


"She dipped her pen in

June Griffin