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The Tennessee Mockingbird

The Sole Threat Society

by June Griffin

In 1993, The World Parliament of Religions convened in the plush Palmer-Hilton Hotel in Chicago. This modern dream of concord among the world religions was tainted with one troublesome fly in the ointment. Its official statement was that "the sole threat to the unity of the world religions is the fundamental, Bible-believing Christian."

The Tennessee Mockingbird and her beloved husband were ordained as freelance reporters by the Chattanooga Free Press to chronicle events of the Parliament, thus they were allowed to cover the various workshops and press conferences which were such a vital part to the goal of world unity. In reality, this turned out to be an effort to set up tax-exempt groups and corporations who would 'help out' on the unity scene.

These fundamental, Bible-believing Christians, having seen the inside of this conclave, founded the "Sole Threat Society." As founding members, they were allowed the distinct privilege of being a hindrance to all non-Biblical religions getting it all together around the tax-evasion scheme.

At one juncture in this conclave, attended by hundreds from all the world religions, workshop leaders pointed out that such corporations as McDonald's, DuPont and other prominent businesses would be tax exempt under this new Religion. Environmentalism was stated to be an important mode of worship, which would virtually eliminate private property ownership in order to save the Earth. It was emphasized that religions must have a holiday, thus the holiday of Earth Day was kicked off for this prominent religion.

The "Dolly Llama" was shipped in to make his appearance before dozens of press and media, however, his saffron-robed priests were observed leaving the hotel on the arms of certain Chicago women of the night. No mention was made publicly of this item, however, certain Reporters from Tennessee noted the fact. He evidently had forgotten who had given him a copy of the Kentucky Schools Ten Commandments.

The United States was depicted to its international inherent as founded on Greek paganism whose sovereignty would be eclipsed and ultimately destroyed by stories and legends regarding purported unjust treatment of the American Indian. The United States, according to its promoters, was the cause of all the world's ills and chief polluter of the Green Earth which the Indians enjoyed - living in teepees, wandering the earth searching for Happy Hunting Grounds, and other freebies which are enjoyed by those cultures not hindered by civilization. Mind you, this attack on progress was held in a fancy, climate-controlled hotel, featuring fine food, accommodations fit for kings, piped-in classical music, everything which would appeal to the appetites, all the while belittling the country which furnished such luxury.

The Sole Threat Society's functionaries did trouble the Parliament when the Mockingbird, spotting a grand piano in the lobby, began to play old hymns, including "Love Lifted Me," and "Rock of Ages." She was asked to leave the piano and it was promptly locked. Funny that American hymns should cause such disturbance, while classical music bothered none!

As reporters, these Sole Threat Society devotees were allowed into the sacred Press Conferences. Two notable instances featured the wealthy, former Tennessean John Templeton and Watergate personality, Chuck Colson. Templeton reported to Mockingbird's husband that this fiasco cost him nothing - plenty of volunteers, the whole thing was tax exempt, being a religion, and then Chuck Colson ordered the Mockingbird to "keep on preaching."

That was in 1993, Chicago, Illinois.

This date, January 12, 2013, the Chattanooga Times/Free Press carried an article regarding statements made by the Texas Attorney General who was inviting the beleaguered gun owners of New York to move to Texas, seeing that Texas was the State devoid of income tax and still loved liberty.

In bringing this wonderful Attorney General to the attention of the public, the Mockingbird phoned in to WGOW-FM, 102.3, host Jeff Styles, with words of praise and wishing that Tennessee had such an Attorney General.

For some odd reason, this raised the ire of the host, who was joined in opposition to the Mockingbird by Wally Witkowski, host of The Village Idiots program. Neither host liked the comments of the Mockingbird and Wally stated that the Catholic Church was taking up money to send her to Texas. Unitarian Jeff Styles apparently agreed with this proposal.

She remembered that the Sole Threat Society reflected another ancient Reformer, Athenasius. When confronted by the virtual antecedents of the World Parliament of Religions who said to him, "Don't you know that the whole world is against  you?" He then stated, "Then I am against the whole world." 

And if readers would like to join the Sole Threat Society, there are no dues, perks, insurance or other benefits and you will be responsible for your own expenses. The Only Benefit is an everlasting name for holiness and Jesus Christ the Righteous,  the Great and Merciful High Priest for the United States.

May God save our nation to be holy again. Good-bye, UN. Deut. 28.


"She dipped her pen in

June Griffin