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Paradise Island, Bahamas
Winter Getaway

by Alexandra Edwards

During the Spring and Summer months, weather across the nation is pretty much the same, with every state enjoying equal amounts of warmth and sunshine. Not so in the winter, especially in the northern states where extreme cold and winter storms can become quite bothersome to say the least. After a couple of months of snow and ice, many people are finding themselves ready for a winter getaway to the sun.

For those that want a taste of the tropics, but don't want to venture too far from their homeland, the Bahamas, which is just 290 miles from Miami, Florida is a perfect destination.

Some great deals to the islands of the Bahamas can be found for those willing to search the Internet. One of the most popular vacation spots is Atlantis Resort and water park, located on Paradise Island, just off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas Capitol. Based on the myth and legend of the lost city of Atlantis, the resort was created in 1994 by tycoon Sol Kerzner.

Alexandra Edwards

Famous for it's marine habitats and aquarium exhibits, the resort encompasses 14 lagoons, eight million gallons of salt water with more than 50,000 exotic sea creatures. Giant size aquariums are located inside the lobby, restaurants and throughout the water park. Kids can slide down glass tubes among the sharks in the Mayan Temple Shark lagoon. Guests are led through tunnels passing through the indoor aquarium to the Dig where they will find the lost city of Atlantis, an 11,000 year old continent featured under water. The Dig features lobsters, fish, sharks, massive stingrays, seahorse, electric eels, piranhas and see-through jelly fish.

Everyone loves dolphins and at the resort's Dolphin Cay guests are invited to swim and interact with these friendly intelligent sea creatures.

Some of the biggest and most daring waterslides in the world can be found at Atlantis Aquaventure where two slide sections resembling ancient Mayan structures - the Mayan Temple and the Power Tower - stand.

Aquaventure's most popular water slide is the Mayan Temple Leap of Faith, where those that dare slide down a near vertical drop under a clear acrylic arch down among a pool full of sharks.

Other popular slides include: Mayan Temple Challenger where competitive visitors can race their partner down one of two identical side by side slides with timers at the top, or there is the Abyss where you cross your arms and legs to experience the biggest drop of your life. The mouth of the slide swallows you into a pit of darkness, then slides you into a slick dark hole, dumping you out into an underground cavern with a waterfall.

Night life at Atlantis offers a grand Casino suited for both the professional or amateur player with tables, slots, tournament events, race and sports and high rollers. For those that don't wish to gamble, Atlantis features 21 restaurants and 19 bars and lounges offering casual and fine dining.

Relaxing is easy. Surrounded by a multitude of tropical palm trees, guests at Atlantis can choose to sit around one of 20 swimming pools, sipping Bahama Mamas at the Tikki bar, or take a barefoot walk alongside the turquoise waters on the ocean's white sandy beach.

Caribbean reggae and a variety of live music can be heard throughout the day and well into the night at the resort poolsides or in the lounges, giving a relaxed tropical atmosphere wherever you go, even in the public restrooms.

One great event not to miss is something that truly highlights the very happy and friendly people of the Bahamas. The Junkanoo Parade, is a vital part of the heritage of the Bahamas where carnival like dancers parade the streets dressed in gorgeous colorful costumes and headdresses, playing anything from drums, whistles and cowbells.

The Junkanoo rhythm is infectious, drawing many spectators to follow  the parade. Each weekend around 9:30 pm at the Atlantis resort Marina Village, the Junkanoo Parade march the streets, making your winter getaway at Paradise Island, something you'll never forget.