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Politics, Idiocy and Gun Control

by Ashley Murphy

Have you ever sat and listened to politicians speak, only to come down with a raging migraine in less than 30 seconds because of the absurdities coming out of their mouths? I have. It's appalling. I have to change the channel; or simply get up and walk away to try to "clear" my head. And it goes for both sides, not just the liberals or just the conservatives. Each side has their mix of absurdities. Although, in my personal opinion, the left takes the cake in absurdities in this newest push for gun control. Just my opinion.

The Tucson shooting early in January left everyone speechless, for a time. It was a horrible, horrible tragedy. Several lost their lives that day and several more were seriously injured. It was, and still is, a time for those families to be with their loved ones as they heal, or in other cases, a time for families to come together as they mourn. Yet, politicians jump on the act in hopes of gaining a name for themselves.

Sure, there comes a time when the situation needs to be openly acknowledged in the media world, and I believe we have reached that point, but spitting out nonsense just because it sounds good to your ear doesn't mean it's what's best for the nation as a whole in these times of crises.

Gun control. Sure, some limitations on gun use do need to be mandated. Creating stricter gun control than what is in place right now? That is not the answer!

Politicians seem to be blaming the guns on crimes that occur. It's the people who control these guns! That's like saying when someone gets hold of a pencil, the pencil controls their mind and makes them write horrible things or misspell words. Same with a computer; someone sits down at a keyboard and the keyboard enters their mind and tells them to create viruses or send threatening messages to people. Or cars beckoning an inebriated individual to get behind a wheel so the car can take them for a drunk drive. Or terrorists just sitting idly by because they know the plane will crash itself into buildings. You get my point.

Ashley Murphy
People News Media Assistant

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Come on people! This is preposterous!

Yes, in some cases, it is entirely too easy for felons, mentally disturbed persons or the like to obtain handguns. But, believe me, stricter gun control won't help this issue. They are what I just described, people who will go to any lengths to obtain what they want, when they want it. At this point, they will look to burglary, most likely, to steal guns from law abiding citizens, then use those guns to commit crimes. The "black market" is another big one. These people really don't care how they do it, it's in their mind that it's going to be matter what length they have to go to or how many people they have to harm to get it.

My biggest fear right now is that all these incompetent thinkers running our government are going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing until, eventually, gun control will mean the seizure of every firearm belonging to law abiding citizens in the United States.

"Why does that scare you?" many may ask, because the thought of these people is that government will obtain the guns and destroy them, eliminating any threat whatsoever. Then, the wonderful government in all their glory will protect everyone.

These people are stupid. Sorry if you're one of those, but the idea is completely idiotic. Check your facts and let it sink in.

Sure, it may work in some countries. But this is America. We have had guns in this nation ever since it's establishment hundreds of years ago. Wars to obtain our freedom were fought with guns. They are naturally a part of our society and our ancestors society. The everyday law abiding citizen who follows the rules uses these just as our ancestors did hundreds of years protect their families!

Imagine living in the 1700-1800s, wanting to be free from tyranny and a loved one of yours - mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter (though it was only men back then) - is sent off to defend you, your family and, virtually, every other family settled on the land. The catch...this loved one must fight the British without a firearm. How could our armies have survived as they did against the firearm wielding British?

They wouldn't have. And we could very well be living in a completely different world than we live in today. Every society has criminals. That will never change. Never.

If our government blocks the 2nd Amendment and takes away those legally obtaining, owning or carrying firearms, this nation will be a very nasty one to live in. Those criminals that they want to keep guns away from, well, they will still be getting their hands on them through ways that have, and always will be, illegal. This will leave every respectable unarmed citizen in America at peril. Shipments come up everyday from Mexico. I would expect that trafficking business to not only double, but probably triple or quadruple in size, if not more. And with the government not being able to get it under control now, how do you really expect them to control an operation run not only by Mexico, but by that time, probably half of America, as well?!

Maybe people should start focusing on things that can be done closer to home. How many signs were there before Jared Loughner snapped and went on his rampage? The same goes for others who have committed similar crimes, Virginia Tech and Columbine, for example. These young men made public displays - whether it was a streaming video, photos, public conversations or telephone calls - that should have alerted authorities, yet no one seemed concerned about them then. It was only after their disturbed behaviors got the best of them and a horrible crime was committed - that just happened to be gun crimes - that people cry out, blaming the firearms, rather than the psychologically disturbed person who took lives or inflicted pain. Where is the logic? I don't understand!

In this case, the firearms weren't only blamed, but Liberals are blaming Conservatives for "telling" this man to kill these people. This is too ludicrous to even attempt to wrap my head around.

Every person on this earth, no matter how good you might be, has said something in their life that should never have been spoken. Yes, the right says things about the left that could be taken out of context buy someone with psychological problems and then this person then implants an idea in their mind, on their own! This is not the fault of the speaker.

But don't think the left gets off so easy; it's goes just the same for them. I have heard ranting and raving on the part of many left politicians or contributors and never have I heard so many times how a so and so Republican should die and go to hell. Maybe instead of censoring Republican talk radio, the government needs to be looking toward the narrow minded left. But I understand, it's hard for the narrow minded to expand that tight corridor in their brains and see that they themselves might be part of the problem.

Everyone plays their part. It's not any single person or party's fault. Look at history and wake up, America. Or, the day you do choose to wake up and see the truth, it may be too late.

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