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A Note From the Church Pianist

by June Griffin

November 20, 2012

Dear Preacher:

This is to let you know that we will not be attending the services at your church during December, thus I will not be playing the piano during that time. This is because we quit observing what is called Christmas years ago, during the revival of the 60's and 70's.

A faithful Baptist lady came to us and showed us that it was a pagan holiday, and we have found it to be so. Rome has made its inroads and now the Church itself has taken up with its practices.

When I was growing up, the Nazarene Church refused to allow us to have anything to do with it at the worship services - no cantatas, no plays, no special sermons for Christmas, rather I remember old Brother Tidwell saying that on Easter and Christmas, he just preached what the Holy Spirit gave him. Oddly enough, at our homes we had Santa Claus and gifts, but the Church was left out of the practice. The only manger scene that we ever saw was down at the liberal churches.

The Pilgrims and Puritans had nothing to do with it and jailed those who didn't work on December 25. They knew the dangers of Romish Mariolatry and papacy.

Since that Baptist lady spoke to us, we have done thorough research. Such greats as Charles Spurgeon and Adam Clarke, early Methodist Commentator, spoke against its celebration. Clarke said that it was the worst possible time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus since it was officially the birth of the Sun God on Dec. 21, purportedly risen on the 25th.

There is nothing Christian about it; it is an international holiday, celebrated by every heathen religion, culminating with the great Roman Catholic festival in Jerusalem, which sadly speaking, many Protestants blindly join in, thinking they are doing the Will of God.

In the midst of all this confusion, we who call ourselves American Bible Protestants promised the Lord we would only keep the holidays which are strictly American - Thanksgiving, Bill of Rights Day, Founders' Day, Washington's birthday, Independence Day and all military holidays. I was once big for all the spending and decorations of Christmas, but I was also sick during that time of year.

As I said, after thoroughly looking at all that encompasses this mad celebration, we decided to just consider it another day, even though it is misunderstood by church people. We have looked at the testimony of those who have gone before us, and found that when it was recognized by godly people, their only practice was a worship service. How many Christians today on December 25 would want their only celebration to be a worship service and nothing more?

This separation has not been easy and few understand. The Russellites (blasphemously called Jehovah's Witnesses) and Millerites (7th Day Adventists) have clouded the picture with their abstinence for bad reasons and some are too stingy to spend money on others. These have given a false impression for those of us who have abstained. Their vile doctrines we abhor, but stand on the testimony of Godly Protestants who have preceded us and warned about being partakers with the world and its idolatries.

All during the year in our worship services, we often sing the carols, such as 'Joy to the World,' but for purposes of holiness, we stay away from them during December. I feel sure your singers will be singing these carols and it would be awkward at the best for me to leave the piano or just not play, so for this reason we will not be there at the church during December. If you still need me, I will plan to be there on Sunday night after the holidays.

I want to say that we have come to love and appreciate your people and have benefited by your fundamental preaching. My service to your church has been a voluntary love offering that I could furnish for the Lord. It is a poor service I render for many of the songs you sing, I did not know but I have tried to do the best I could and have been blessed by them.

I would be there on Wednesday night, but the persecution I have endured by the so-called "Dept. of Safety" and Nashville Legal Department, before whom I have been very vocal for God and Country, have refused to give me freedom to drive and I ultimately lost my right to vote; two freedoms which should never have been jeopardized, but the Lord knows my dedication to my sworn word to Him in 1991, to not use the Social Security Number, My word to the Lord is more precious than any liberties which man can give or remove. He sees my tears; He will avenge.

I hope you will understand. Somehow I believe this position is not new to you since you have been widely associated with fundamentalists from all over the country. I am sure that Lester Roloff practiced some abstinence or at least other Baptist preachers were aware of the idolatries associated with Christmas.  The sicknesses and diseases, disasters, drunkenness, bankruptcies and widespread sin associated with idolatry should be enough to awaken the people. I have little hope that many preachers will take up this important subject for they are too fearful of controversy. I wish this were not true but alas, it is. Would you be willing to broach the subject and seriously consider all aspects of it, and take up your cross to warn the people about this idolatry?

I think you will find there is nothing redeemable about it. The whole world is taken up with its madness and hedonism. It is just too much fun to relinquish but in the end it is bitterness. Where in all of the feasts of the Scriptures were they ever attended with suicides, divorce, and crime? This should be enough proof for the honest to consider.

"How shall they hear without a preacher?" Though there are at least 400 references to idolatry in the Scriptures, how little preaching gives the correct interpretation to this vital subject. I am not guilty.

I do hope you all can come to the Bill of Rights Banquet December 15. It is our key to liberty and a great celebration to Christ.

June Griffin
For God and Country


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June Griffin