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by Toneeke Henderson

So now that it appears that the big bird of fall has departed from our sight we can get ready for the big freeze and I don't mean leftovers.
Yes, it has been a different sort of year. Amongst the redundant phantasmagoric world events that forever change others lives, and the simplest of solutions that could work for everyone. Somewhere stuffed between a pebble and an ant exists the minutest particles of a thing called common sense.

I believe that when someone forgets what life is about, or perhaps are confused with whom it is about; reality gets stuck right between the pebble and the ground. Now neither you nor I may see that exact pebble on the ground but if it were under our pillow we could feel it or perhaps in our shoe

we would surely know it was there. If we were an Ant, we could pick up the pebble and move it with the greatest of ease. Geezers, what do you know about that. An Ant who's strength is his endurance and goes on to move what is necessary, building compounds that man could also build on a larger scale if he would just open his eyes.

I have probably confused you by now. This is a time of year that should be all year. No, not with the over abundance of sugarplums dancing in your head or racking up the credit card bills or buying people stuff they only take back the next two weeks for refunds. It is about sharing the music. Hmm, music you say, yes music! It is the tune of life. A special melody that unfortunately

Toneeke Henderson

many, many people forget exists. Perhaps they never knew it existed until the day they died, and then again perhaps not even then.

I know you are wondering why I should write such strangeness at a time when it's suppose to be full of cheer. That is exactly why I am writing it. These Holiday events are not about how much a person spends on another

or getting yourself something that you waited all year to get. It is about enjoying the moment that is ours to embrace. Being Happy. If you buy something or want something, don't claim a holiday to do it.

People say they have dreams and wish they could fulfill them, so why don't they. Greenbacks are not the only way to do that. Dreams are an inner drive to keep us on track and in the right moment to blossom. Go forth and be fruitful in your dreams.

Remember to teach your children what you would like them to remember. Be patient and kind and unassuming. Remember to respect your parents come hell or high water, for they are truly the ones who would risk their own life to save you. Give what you can to others in mutual support and I don't mean money. A smile, an I love you; a simple  " job well done" is all it takes.

My dreams were built from the soles of my feet and up. I played hard in the dirt as a child, danced in the rain,

sang songs that made the birds laugh, and even raced to touch a train.

I believed in simple things like Puff The Magic Dragon, Cinderella and The Wizard of OZ. Oh, I believed in Santa but not as much as the other three.

You see, these are the three things that taught me a lot about life in my mind then as a child.

You see, you can be the biggest dragon by the sea and still be lonely and yet have the greatest of friends if you truly see. Puff didn't know that people didn't live forever until one day when his friend came no more.

Cinderella, she was a humble soul. Doing what she had to, to survive even when it was the nastiest job there could be. She wasn't about competing for a guy or a castle, she was about coming to an understanding that everyone is as beautiful as the stars, if others give them a chance and seek the beauty within.

When it comes to the Wizard of OZ, well isn't that just the way life is. Someone is always out there just waiting to try to take what means the most to you. For Dorothy it was her dog Toto. She did everything she could to save Toto and protect him.

Dorothy encountered many tests, a few fears and a nasty old green faced woman who thrived off making others miserable. Dorothy overcome all those events and even made friends along the way.
In reality, yes life is like that yellow brick road. You don't know what is down it until you walk it. Then when you find that it was really the same road you were always on you seem overjoyed that you have new meaning that

was really already there. Simply put; it was always just a click away.

Since this is the time of year to say thanks to someone, my pick is for "Sue" at Gemini Reds on Keith St. She washes my hair and for those of you who know how long my hair is, I don't even like to wash it sometimes. So thank you Sue for your talent and love for hair.

We have now reached that moment to which I need to sum this one up ……. Don't get so hung up in trying to be Scrooge with a twist or a barrel of oil, or Santa with an attitude, that you forget what "Just Life" is about.

For all the dragons that think they live forever, think again. If ever a person deserved such a change, the Cinderella's do. As for finding OZ, well I have done that, been down those roads, seen more green faces than I wanted, and found more ruby slippers than most will ever know. (It helps when Glenda the Good Witch of the North is your sister) As far as Toto goes, well he's in my front yard incognito with my miniature daushound Krickett.

Now I must prepare for my winter wonderland. This is where I dance naked in Alaska while watching the Aurora Borealis known as The Northern Lights. What a way to freeze. (Self-preservation for the spring). I grin.
PS. Dear Coyote Medicine… if you wish to finish your un-proclaimed statement please do return to where you made it.  Happy Holidays everyone. Stay safe…