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AUGUST  2012






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Take away my firearms?
Over my dead body.

by Ashley Murphy

After the recent shootings at a Colorado movie theater, a subject came rushing back into the media and political eye. It's been overplayed and the center of attention for so long that I'm actually starting to get tired of hearing it, just like many of you, I'm sure. However, seeing some of the reporting and comments that have come across the last few weeks, I can't help but put my two cents into the matter.

Gun control. In addition to being unconstitutional (taking away guns altogether), it will not work! No, I'm not stupid, or crazy or ignorant. You are, however, if you believe further restrictions on law abiding citizens' gun rights will solve this nation's problems. It won't.

There are steps already in place for legally purchasing firearms of any type. A process that I have been through myself. The business took my information, did with it what they were supposed to and cleared me to make my purchase. It may not go the way I want, but if the government wishes to take my legally obtained firearm away from me, my body better be stiff and six feet under.

The Second Amendment protects my right to keep firearms:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

I don't believe this is limited to just our military and police, and I don't believe that it should be limited. If you are of sound mind and want a firearm for legitimate purposes, there is nothing wrong with that and your right is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.

To further the issue, this go around has had people asking for the banishment of high powered assault rifles to citizens. Many, including the President, are saying these types of weapons only belong on the battlefield and shouldn't be in the average person's hands.

Again, you are delusional to think gun control of any kind will work. People have it in their heads that all the violent sprees and crazy murderous rampages will never happen again and, ultimately, cease to exist if weapons are taken away or severely limited.

NO! Those that think this are idiots!

Look at how things are now. There are strict policies in place that businesses must follow in order to sell a firearm to a customer. IDs must be shown by the customer. Documents must be filled out by both parties before one can walk out the door with their legally obtained weapon.

I hope everyone is noticing my stress on the word legally. Those that obtain firearms illegally now obviously don't follow the rules, do they? So, please, tell me what would keep people from illegally obtaining weapons in the future if mass gun control is implemented. Nothing! They would still be able to get them. Except the problem then would be that all law abiding citizens would be stripped of their protection and would be unable to defend themselves! You would truly have mass chaos then.

What about the police and military? I don't need a gun because they will be able to protect me. Please. I understand that is what they're in place to do, but it won't always work.

Mass gun control is set forth, criminals know that all the good little USA citizens are now unarmed and they can pick any house or business they choose (because being criminals and all, they still have their hands on weapons.) They decide your home looks pretty ripe for the taking, as you're eating dinner with your spouse and children. If they bust into your home, mind already set on what they are going to do if they run into someone, do you really think they're going to let you say, "Oh, wait, please. I need to call the cops."

You would be dead before dialing a single digit. Possibly your children, too.

I guess the next anti-gun debate would be, well it wouldn't matter if you had a gun if you're making the scenario so ruthless. You yourself would be dead, too, before drawing your gun and making things worse.

No. Sorry to burst your bubble. I highly believe the situation would be reversed. You see, in my family, we were raised around guns. My brothers and I were taught how to properly handle a firearm. Including assault rifles. We were told that guns are for protection and recreation (hunting and recreational target shooting), but you must respect those around you when handling guns, never point a gun at someone (unless you intend to kill them for protective purposes) and always handle firearms with care.

My parents stressed all of this and tried to bring us up with as much knowledge about, and respect for, firearms. If someone bursts through my door with the intention of harm, they won't be leaving, unless its in a body bag. Better rid the world of a single piece of worthless scum than lose my valuable life and possibly the lives of those I love.

Same goes for a movie theater, restaurant or shopping mall. We don't need everyone whipping out their weapons and firing on the crazy murderer. But, think, if people are armed and have the common sense that they should to own and carry a gun and wait for an opportune moment, I believe a lot of good could come from it. And maybe a few more lives saved.

Just to make it clear, I understand that a lot of these people aren't certified criminals. Some of the murder sprees were performed by seemingly intelligent, kind people, who just snapped. They may have seemed of sound mind and did legally purchase firearms. That's not the business' fault or the guns' fault. The way I see it, if they did have a psychotic break or devastating plans, they would find a way to obtain weapons, even with gun control. Just the way people do now. It's inevitable.

And I hate seeing guns continuously blamed for "murdering" innocent people. It's not the gun! It's the person behind the gun. Restricting firearms is not the way to go about it.

So, if you're for robbing law abiding citizens of their armed protection and the crap hits the fan and you need help, don't come to me. You're twice as stupid for thinking I'd help such an idiot who says its okay to take away my rights.

Sorry. Go grab a frying pan. See how far you get with that.


Ashley Murphy
People News Assitant Editor

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