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AUGUST  2006

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The Dastardly Nipponese Secret

Bizarre, Fascinating, and Wacky World War I & ll Secrets.

by Cecil Owen

Warning, Warning, Warning! This story contains some gruesome and nauseating descriptions. If you have a weak stomach read this story at your own risk. Please remember this, if you decide to go any further, I write this story with a heavy heart as I take no pleasure in revealing such dastardly war crimes. But this is a story that everyone everywhere should learn about. Especially the younger generations since World War Two need to know the truth.

What I am about to reveal to you is not just my personal opinion, these are documented facts. [see sources at end of article] All of these events actually did happen, although it will be hard for some of you to believe. They were approved by Japanese Emperor Hirohito, War Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and his war cabinet in Tokyo, Japan. The Imperial Japanese Army and Navy waged one of the most atrocious, savage, and inhuman rampage ever recorded in the history of mankind and that included the most hideous and beastly actions ever seen in war. In a short story in this little newspaper only a select few examples can be retold.

Today in the classrooms of Japan, children are being taught a very carefully distorted view of World War Two history. And this was started very soon after the war was over. So most people in Japan today do not know the real truth. They believe that World War Two in the Pacific was started by a cruel, barbaric, and aggressive nation called the United States of America and of course, the poor Japanese nation was forced into war just to defend itself. Because all Japan ever wanted was to live in peace. And

Cecil Owen

One of 30 mass graves in the outskirts of Nanjing - each contained more than 10,000 corpses as a result of the Rape of Nanjing.
(Six Weeks of Killing)

unfortunately, the Japanese government has such an efficient propaganda organization, many people everywhere believe this bull malarkly. (my opinion) And this also includes too many people in  the United States.

Of all American prisoners of war in Nazi Germany, 3% died in concentration camps. But in Japanese concentration camps, 45% of American prisoners of war died.  Nazi Germany massacred six million Jewish people and it was called "The Holocaust." This should always be remembered, so that it will never happen again. Japan massacred thirty million civilian, men, women and children and babies in China, Asia, and in the Pacific islands. What would you call that, a "super holocaust?" Yet Japan has almost succeeded in obliterating this from recorded history.

One of the first things Japan forced on all the conquered countries was "Comfort Women." Japan rounded up many thousands of women of all ages, 10 years to 70 years old. They were distributed as sex slaves to the Japanese soldiers, sailors, and marines all across the Pacific.

The Japanese army set up the headquarters for unit 731 near Harbin, China. This was a medical unit to develop biochemical and biological weapons. They included the black plague, anthrax, cholera and several other disease-producing bacteria. The doctors would infect innocent people with a disease and watch for symptoms to occur. Vivisection was routinely practiced without the use of any anesthetic. First an appendectomy, then an arm was amputated, and finally a tracheotomy was performed. When the medical researchers were finished testing and practicing, they killed the patient.

Japanese planes sprayed the Chinese people with a black plague, or dropped bombs containing plague-infected fleas. Even as the war ended, a horde of plague-infected rats were turned loose in Eastern China. This killed thousands of men, women, children and babies.

Japan was sometimes called "Nippon" and the people "Nipponese" or "Nips." Nipponese soldiers were delighted to compete in a killing contest. For this contest they used their long "beheading" swords. Two officers of the Katagiri unit, Sub-Lt. Toshiaki Mukai and Sub Lt. Takeshi Noda entered into a race to kill 100 Chinese people each near Nanking. When they compared their gruesome progress, Noda had beheaded 105 people and Mukai had beheaded 106 people. None of those Chinese people were soldiers, they were men, women and children. Both thought the contest was so much fun, they decided to kill 50 more apiece. This despicable and bloody story was published in the Tokyo Daily Newspaper and in the Nichi Nichi Shimbun Newspaper in Tokyo, Japan. Both men were praised and applauded for being such good, brave and heroic soldiers.

At about the same time, Gunkichi Tanaka, another heroic and brave soldier, was credited with killing at least 300 prisoners of war, and a few civilians in the Southeastern part of Nanking.

The beheading of a young boy.
His crime was being caught with 10¢ U.S currency in his pocket.

When the city of Nanjing fell to the Japanese, they immediately began murdering Chinese civilians. An order was issued which read "Take all, kill all, burn all." In the following six weeks the Japanese on a fanatical rampage, ran completely amuck. It became known as the infamous "Nanjing Massacre" and the "Rape of Nanjing." Thousands of civilians were either burned alive or buried alive. Many others were used as targets for bayonet practice. Still others were thrown into the Yangtze river to drown. At least 20,000 unfortunate hopeless women were brutally raped by the hordes of Japanese soldiers. Remember, this went on for six days and was never halted. It was condoned by the Emperor himself because it was common knowledge and was reported by the Tokyo Times Newspaper. But it is now denied by the Japanese government. "We are just a peace loving people and we just "liberated" those poor Chinese from "white Imperialism." The Japanese surely did liberate those poor Chinese people by brutalizing and murdering 300,000 of them!

Today the Yasukuni Shrine stands at the Northern edge of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan. It was built to make heroes of all Japanese who fought for Japan in all wars, but especially in World War Two. They are all considered "Kami" or gods, no matter how brutal or savage their conduct was. It even includes all the class A criminals that were executed for war crimes during World War Two. This shows just how sorry the Japanese government is for their shameful conduct in World War Two.

The Japanese believed, and most still do, that their  yellow race is the super race. It is far superior than the rest of the whole world. After all, their sun god Emperor Hirhito had been telling them for years; "Japan has been ordained, its destiny is to dominate and rule the entire world." And after all, he was descended from the imperial line sprung from the sun goddess in the shinto pantheon of gods, (This belief was started way back in 1926 when he became emperor). When you couple this belief with the code of bushido, it is a very bad combination. Bushido, the youth of Japan were taught that their greatest honor is to die for their emperor. And they must never ever surrender to the enemy, Instead they must always fight to the death. Otherwise they will disgrace not only the emperor, but family and all of their ancestors.

Japan committed so many recorded atrocities that they cannot all be listed in one book. Here is an atrocity that is often overlooked. Has there ever been a time in your life when you were hungry? And I don't mean hungry because you missed one meal. But a hunger so intense it was consuming your entire body? Around 41,000 Chinese were sent to Japan as slave laborers. And all of the allied prisoners of war were used as slave laborers (except the ones who were executed.) These unlucky persons were worked fourteen to sixteen hours a day. They were fed gruel, a semi-soup containing a little rice and fish heads once a day. The laborers were hungry all the time and slowly starved to death. The major cause of death were malnutrition and illness due to overwork and exhaustion. While the American Red Cross were regularly sending boxes of food, they never reached the prisoners of war. Instead the boxes were stored in warehouses to be used only by the Japanese. Much of this food was stored so long that it rotted.

Now hear this, get ready, for the worst is yet to come and it shows the wickedness and total depravity of the Japanese during World War Two, for the Japanese army and navy practiced cannibalism and it was not just one isolated incident. The Japanese military established the disgusting custom of eating white human flesh and there are too many witnesses, including some Japanese witnesses and too many authentic documents to dispute the truth. As early as October 1942, the Japanese ate Australian and American flesh. Even a  "medicine" was made called "Seirgan." It was composed mainly of human liver. According to Admiral Mori, human flesh and human liver was a good medicine for the troops. An order was issued, "All Americans pilots captured will be tortured, beheaded and then used for food!"

A Japanese military dinner menu was ordered by Brigade Commander Major General Tachibana. Everyone was invited to his party, they drank sake (Japanese wine) and ate the flesh of Lt. (Junior Grade) Hall an American aviator! This was undoubtedly the most bizarre and grotesque practice that a supposed civilized nation could commit. Not all of the Japanese present participated, in fact many were shocked and nauseated. They testified to this fact at their war crime trials.

As a World War Two veteran who served in the Pacific, I hope and pray that this true grits history of  Japanese atrocities will become so widely known... that it will never happen again.!!

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