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AUGUST  2004

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by Toneeke Henderson

You know the story about Noah and the animals. I have recently discovered some new findings. Evidently there has been a new revolution on hanging under garments wrong side out on clotheslines. Perhaps it's all the MSG's that is being placed in the water and food systems for the sake of gaining weight or whatever that is really for.

It could be those really kewel fertility statues that I keep in my shoppe for those who tried everything else but that. If you haven't figured it out by now, then you will come to understand that it is actually God gracing our lives with grandchildren.

We have two beautiful granddaughter's now. They are 3 and 4. The most fun I have had since my children were babies is being a part of their lives. Two weeks ago I watched the face of my husband expound with joy as he was told he will be a grandpa again. My husband could not understand at first why he was getting a greeting card and especially it talking about baby powders and ten little fingers and toes. Then he saw the words at the bottom congratulating him. Our son Daniel and his wife Heather will be having their new baby in March.

The awesome effect to that is as I write this article, a cute little card is sitting

Toneeke Henderson

next to his coffee cup waiting there to announce yet another surprise. Our daughter has found out she  is expecting her first child. He always called our daughter "Baby Rina". So she took a baby bib that says "I love my daddy" on it and wrote beneath it" my baby loves you too" and signed it "Baby Rina".

Knowing how they are, tears would roll if they were in the same room. She will tell her husband on his birthday this weekend. She will have hers first as she is further along we have found. It has been quite the week of events.

So yes they come two by two. What if

Gabby (photo Toneeke Henderson)

they both had twins. Oh Geeza peas, who would want that.

I truly think that God intervenes and blesses us with such treats, for God does not make mistakes. These two grandchildren will steadily increase that

beauty that is in our children and their spouses and in us.

I don't think the reality has hit our children as of yet, but I know that it will, just as it did me many years ago.

Most of you know I am a bit different... lo... ok, different in a really kewel sort of eclectic way. Now what kind of life do you suppose our grandchildren have.

When they come to visit our house, they have puppies, and kittens to play with, birds to talk to and feed peanuts, squirrels and frogs, and fireflies to catch. There are flowers to smell and their own lil' garden to plant. Their toys consist of a few simple things, singing cats, dancing toads, talking bears and fairy wings. Clothes to play dress up in, tea time in the spring. There is an airplane almost to scale for their lil' feet to pedal around and an Oscar Myer wiener car to ride down the hill. These are a few of their favorite things.

We have picnics on the patio and birthday cakes for the simple reason it's someone's birthday somewhere in the world. We laugh and eat watermelon and spit seeds as far as you can see. Even the best mannered folks have to have fun. This is what being a parent is about, this is the rewards we all receive in our own time. This is love.

I am behind schedule due to the amount of surprises this past two weeks, so I am sure my editor is going crazy waiting on my small token of words to appear. This will be my reason for the short article.

There isn't a whole lot to sum up when it comes to the things I have said. So I will leave you simply with these words:

In all the castles in the sky, there are no words to describe the birth of a child. Some folks come into this world without a clue to what life is. Some of us just simply know the day we are born. Life is a beautiful celebration of an existence not yet rendered to its fullest beauty on any artists canvas.

Time does not guarantee your days, but it gives you days with a guarantee. A guarantee that the world will get a chance to know you have arrived, to know that by your duties you will abide reaping your rewards as they simply come by.

We will not all be famous, or live a wealthy mans style, but we can be richer in the moments we exist, and that is worth more than the price of any material wealth.

I believe that we reap what we have sown. In my life I can truly say I am happy that I planted the garden in my life that was fruitful.

So in essence, don't build your castles so high into the sky that you forget where the ground is. Plant your garden well for you are the caretaker of what you bare. And remember that grandmas can still dance naked under the moon.