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APRIL  2008

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The Tennessee Mockingbird

Great Debates of the Twentieth Century

By June Griffin

The famous superintendent of schools in California, Dr. Max Rafferty, in the 1960's, stated: "To adjust to the twentieth century is to come to terms with madness."

Down through the centuries, there have raged great debates around questions of moment. National boundaries have been argued, political philosophies hammered out by orators filled with the spirits of patriotism or righteousness or even wrongness, for that matter. Their arguments, bound in high and noble principles, have held their audiences in deep thought and consideration. Writings and commentaries recorded the annals of these awesome topics.

As late as 1892, the Supreme Court of the United States, after reviewing hundreds of documents and records, supremely concluded that this is a Christian nation (Trinity vs. USA). However, after the World Parliament of Religions in 1893 in Chicago, we have debates of a different sort and the Courts have had to muddle through lesser and preponderous, yeah, supremely stupid considerations.

June Griffin

Infamous atheists took to the streets with the inane question: Was there really a God?
1913 - Can the Federal Government tax a man's income and set a precedent
unheard of in civilized America Indeed, can a man keep what he earns? (The courts said a resounding "NO" to the Sixteenth Amendment, yet a lawless Congress did it anyway.)

Then in 1925: Did Man come from monkeys?

The floodgates of insensibility were now opened.

Is there a difference between men and women?

Should we win a war?

Should God's Eternal Law be publicly displayed? (Stone v. Graham - "If the posted copies of the Ten Commandments are to have any effect at all, it will be to induce the school children to read, meditate upon, perhaps to venerate and obey the Commandments. This is not a permissible state objective under the Establishment Clause." 1980) !!!

Can a surgeon torture an unborn infant in part of a birth and be held unaccountable?

Can you hire a person by their qualifications and skills?

Can you hire who you want to?

Can you ride a bicycle without a helmet?

Can you drive a car without a social security number?

Or can you fish without a social security number?

Or can you hunt without a social security number?

Can two people of the same sex get married?

Maybe you can add to this list of uncommon and nonsensical premises of debate.
May the Lord help us from cowards whose incompetence's, higher learning and attendant fears have forced their stupid ways upon the people of common sense.