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APRIL  2007

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by Toneeke Henderson

This article is a substitute for my original one as I have had extreme computer issues.

My intentions were to write about the human aura. But noooo the energies about me that decided to expand beyond their perimeters decided also to blow up my computer.

I will attempt to do that story next month. I have been fighting the little fairies and gnomes that attack such innocent equipment like my laptop and want to trash it just so they can annoy you to no ends.

I know why they say  fairies are good, but there are bad fairies for sure. A few months ago, my computer was on and I was working steadily away, innocently sitting there and

suddenly there was a "ping" followed but total silence and a very blank screen.

I couldn't believe it, my computer had totally shut off in the middle of my work. I was growling at it for an aggravating two hours. So I began working again and again it shut me down.

I thought ok what could it be. Then someone told me about the battery, so I bought another one. It was wonderful, it worked like a charm, ok for a month. And it is now doing it again, so either the company sold me a bad battery or it has been zapped by the non reclaimable bad fairy's attack.

It would only stay on about ten minutes then it kills itself again. I am beside myself. I

Toneeke Henderson

have at this point pulled my hair into a new length.

By now you must have guessed that my computer has dumped me. I wrote my article and it was very enlightening as it was about the Human Spirit and the Aura that encompasses it. I was about to save the file and out of no where came this total exhausting NOOOOOO and you guessed it, it went to black, the screen the lights the whole enchilada. My entire article gone, crashed within a system that won't stay alive long enough to copy anything.

I sat quietly while I waited in silence at the brink of midnight for some magical solution. It never arrived. I thought of ways to conjure up potions or a quick fix computer spell, and to no avail, nothing worked for this worn out laptop.

I have only had that laptop for four years, and really only used it for two, I can see a battery having an issue but my goodness the whole computer. I have recently moved 90 percent of my files to an external hard drive to

which I will make CD's of as a permanent back up.

I am saddened at my loss as I loved my laptop and was very dedicated to its use since it replaced my desktop

that died a while back.

I do have to console myself at the fact I was wise this time to begin saving my files in an alternate place. Unlike the event with my desktop.

Geezers, I thought perhaps I could win the lottery -  ok maybe enough for a new computer after all I am not greedy.

Maybe there is a Computer Fairy Godmother or Godfather who will hear my cries in the night as I long for my laptop, I gaze across the top of my desk at the empty space where it use to sit.

As I take it to the river and stand watching as the water moves forward knowing the laptop will sink quickly from my view, oh how I will miss it's key board and the silly mouse that laid next to it, the crisp screen to which lit up my life  as I sat till the wee hours of the night in the dim light of my office typing away my articles for The People News, just to make sure you would have the Realm of Reality to read each month.

Perhaps by laying it to rest, some how some way I will be blessed with another laptop. I know that somewhere out there, I see myself as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, tapping broken computer parts together and saying…. If I only had a laptop…. If I only had a laptop… If I only had a laptop.

So now at this second attempt to make sure an article gets in the paper, I give to you my famous summing up.

When you feel enlightened and the grasp of reality and energy sits in the palms of your hands or in the tips of your fingers, save constantly to your back up source, some of us do still keep journals. Pen and paper writing may be a thing of the past for most, but in reality all things do come back.

I am glad I have my journals, I am glad I have people who enjoy my articles, I am happy to share my energies even if they destroy my computer.

You see that is what life is about; there are no carbon copies unless we back it up ourselves, every moment, every event, and every living memory we must store within ourselves.

Photos fade and books crumble with age, but the images we carry will last forever.

A new laptop would be kewl too.

Stay healthy, live, love, laugh. Tell the Easter bunny where to drop off a laptop ok.

You can e-mail Toneeke at:

You can e-mail Toneeke at: