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APRIL  2004

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The Tennessee Mockingbird

Diversity's Religion

by June Griffin

The freedom-from-religion movement has an ally in a young high school girl in Vermont. It seems this young lady resents the fact that Vermont, like the vast majority of other States,  holds Sunday to be our American Sabbath and recognizes it as such in both the Federal and State Constitutions. For example, Tennessee law invalidates checks written on Sunday. Such prohibitions offend the little thing, thus she is quoted as saying that though this was ONCE a Christian nation, it is no longer Christian, rather our country is now purportedly given to something called Diversity, a pseudonym for lawlessness and godlessness which has employed Change to lead us to this blissful state.

We shall see.

First, is Diversity void of segregation? To have diversity, one has to have segregation. How could diversity exist without segregation. Diversity demands that each group be distinct from another. But more importantly to the subject, is Diversity devoid of religion? As I said, we shall see.

For example, Saints Valentine and Patrick are certainly religious figures. Ground Hog Day is a part of the weather futureteller's craft. May Day is a religious commemoration of an entity called "the queen of heaven" and is  marked with great festivities in godless Russia. Halloween stands marked as the night when the evil spirits roam. Religious, no? Santa Claus, is the mystical fairy who is today's adaptation of the Romish  Patron Saint of the Thieves. The Lady Bug was designated by the Tennessee legislature in the 1970's as our official bug to honor the Virgin Mary. No one would deny her being a religious figure. Tae Kwon Do and karate are religious exercises of the East which show you how to control your inner nature. The Kawanza superstition of Africa and yom kipper, these aren't religious, are they? Then there is the toleration of "kosher" certified foods wherein the religious figure, in this case a rabbi, goes over the package with his prayers and renders the package fit for consumption, I suppose. I once visited a rabbi's estate sale and there wasn't a kosher package in his whole kitchen. Ever try to buy cream cheese in the government-authorized food stamp store?

A Baptist preacher in the name of Scripture overturned your owner's rights and instituted forced integration, forced hiring and forced busing. I don't guess this was religious, was it? I am highly offended by the do-gooders who rape us of our God-given rights and post the notices of their religious mandates, Title I, Title II, Title III, etc. in the court houses.

Things which deal with the unknown past or predict the future, deal in the souls of man, or require special revelation are religious. Evolution, the religion of pseudo science; psychology, the study of the soul; humanism, the religion which deifies man as God; astrology and the zodiac, luck and fortune, these are not religious? You are kidding.

When Werner Von Braun helped foster the space program, he stated the purpose was to "free the human spirit." Very religious, that notion.

The Greek goddess Athena, situated in the Parthenon and maintained by the City of Nashville, certainly has no life in it except  tax dollars but she has her venerable followers in the devotees of "women's lib." Whether Greek mythology is still kept up in schools where talking animals and pantheistic "environmentalism" rule the day, I dare not say. Pan was a deity and worshipped as such. His counterpart, Peter Pan, refused to grow up, according to the myth. Does he not have followers?

When the tyrannical order came from the U.S. Sixth District judge to take down Hamilton County's Ten Commandments copies, it was only a few weeks until the City installed "Saint Michael" as the patron saint of the Police Department. No one howled. At least publicly.

I see folks driving around with "dream catchers" hanging from their rear view mirrors. These are supposed to filter out evil spirits from dreams you might have. Not religious, of course.

Gambling ultimately depends on a spiritual some Thing which smiles on you, whether it a scratch-off or bingo.

Whoever is claiming we are free from religion is blind or lying. Man is never free from religion. Professionals with copper bracelets and fearful to sit in Seat No.13 testify that man wants to be saved from things he can't see.

The real issue is not freedom from religion, rather it is that the ACLU, et al wants freedom from the true religion, the one revealed in the Bible and upon which the oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is bound upon jurors and promises to uphold the Constitution are bound by the God Who wounds, heals, kills and makes alive. The God Who founded our country and punishes liars. 

The rule for all other religious practices seems to be if it is fun and whether charlatans can make money on it. And force us to buy their mandated textbooks full of superstition, fancy and imaginations.

There is a reason the first four Presidents swore in on Deuteronomy 28.  "It is the Lord Who giveth thee power to get wealth." "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Let's just put it to the test. Let those who hold a "firm reliance on Divine Providence," as is declared in the Declaration of Independence be free from all mandated charity, keep what they earn, govern their own homes and children under the American and State Bills of Rights and we will see who is prospered.

I believe I know the answer.

June Griffin