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APRIL  2004

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by Toneeke Henderson

Just when you think everything is quiet and only the moon is awake you hear the things that go Bump in the night.

Out in the wide open space, where man and sky meet, is a visual perception of how vast of a universe we have. Years ago we were taking a small family outing to California and after the visit there, we were on our way home and we came across some desert like area probably in Nevada or somewhere close to that.

It was getting dark, no motels in sight and back then who could afford one with six kids. So Mom chose to bunk us for the night atop air mattresses and sleeping bags. It was kewl anyway because we were very use to the more primitive living structure of our mountain home.

As I lay there on my handy made bed, I looked up to the skies and oh my goodness!

I could feel myself being swallowed up by that deep dark twinkling night sky. My Mom had bent down to make sure we were covered up and I was

Toneeke Henderson

speechless, I mean seriously speechless. I must have been maybe nine or ten years old. We lived in Colorado so you would think we were very use to the large sky, but this, this was different.

Kids can have vivid imaginations at times but who is to say that the things I experienced were not real. No, I am not talking about alien abductions although that could explain why I am so wacky at times... Just kidding.

There was an unordinary softness to that night sky, it was like looking in a tunnel and never seeing the end. Now, out in the desert type area when it is dark, it is really dark, I mean dark. Yet your eyes adapt to a nocturnal state to enable you to see what is around you.

Like turning out all the lights in your house and then trying to find where you need to go. If you stand still long enough your eyes will adjust to the perception needed. That's when things will go Bump In The Night.

Some times it's just the house settling, or maybe a giant grasshopper on the outside wall.

The sounds you hear aren't always describable, when you know all living creatures human or other wise are all asleep and you still hear noises in the night, it makes you wonder a bit what is really around. Is it visible or just at

the point of transfiguration.

Adults are worse than kids when it comes to night noises, I have never seen so many grown ups jump at such tinkering of the sound effects of nature or ......... what ever it may be.

My husband Lynn, says I am afraid of the dark and I just tell him it is not the dark at all, it is because I know what is out in the dark. Have you ever walked outside, maybe just to enjoy the late night sky or a cup of cappuccino on the deck and feel like someone or something is watching you?  Well I have.

It is the most bizarre feeling and you know it as the hair on your skin climbs to high heaven and you begin to look like a plucked chicken... yeah you know those raised goose bumps.

Not the feeling like an animal is watching but something else, something stronger . For those of you who have experienced this, I know you will understand this strange little article I am writing.

I have seen some shadowy figures and I have seen some angelic ones. That doesn't make either one bad or good, it is just to say I can't be the only one in this universe so attuned to notice. I don't drink or do drugs or smoke wacky tobbacky, so I have no valid excuse other than being spiritually attuned.

I am glad I have an open mind on everything. Because without it I may not have noticed how many ladybugs were in my window or my garden at any given time, or how many different species of ants that exist, or perhaps that very special glimpse of a past loved one who made it through that veil between the worlds to tell you, "I am OK."

Who is to say what is real in this lifetime and what is not. I have listened to some of my friends who have conveyed to me the spiritual presence they felt or the sign in other forms that a loved one has made their presence known. Like a beautiful rose growing when it shouldn't, or a hummingbird and bumble bee dancing in flight face to face, or that special word or phrase that when spoken you know they were the one who would have said it. Yes, I dare to say that not all things are scary that go Bump in the night.

Some of them are very joyous if you are open enough to believe. If you have never experienced such a wonderment then try this simple little task and you may very well know what the rest of us know. While you are at home or in your office or special place. You must be totally alone, no other persons in the room with you. Place a blindfold over your eyes tight enough to not have any light, sit in total silence and listen to what you hear, but also listen to what you are hearing. Maybe you will feel a breeze that comes from nowhere or a warm and soft brush upon your cheek. Or a simple Bump in the night.

Whatever it is that you experience you will truly know it is from the very room in which you sit. With that I shall sum this one up:

Life is a limited event. It holds no guarantees for the morrows, Life does not eliminate nor hesitate any particular soul from entering or exiting. Life in fact offers you this very moment to believe or not believe what your very eyes and ears behold. Choices should be made with an open mind, revealing the thought that it is merely your decision in what the moment holds for you. Be kind to the soul setting next to you for there may be an angel betwixt the two, and always know there will be things that go Bump In the Night.